Alternatives Global Marketplace is committed to maintaining the highest standards in the selection of products that we sell. In order to do this, we build partnerships with artisans, cooperatives, and fair trade organizations worldwide to develop and market products that are economically just and environmentally sound. Each of our partnerships are designed in a way in which the artist receives a fair return for their effort, and you in turn obtain a hand-crafted item of beauty and originality that is sure to be cherished. Click on the logos below to find our more about each of our unique artisan partners!


Cheppu from Himalaya
dZi Handmade
Swahili Modern

Upavim Crafts | Fair Trade Guatemalan Gifts


Tesoros Trading Co. Careers |

Tesoros Trading Company
Eangee Home Design - Shopeangee - Fair-Trade, Handmade & Eco-Friendly Décor
Eangee Home Design
Wholesale Fair Trade Handmade Products & Gifts | Global Crafts
Encantada Mexican Pottery by Global Crafts
GOEX Feel Good. Do Good. – GOEX Apparel
Lost River

Matr Boomie
Balizen Direct