Find the best selection of fair trade gifts including unique home décor, handmade jewelry, and fun accessories. These fair trade gifts are perfect for all occasions including special birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.


Nicaraguan Pottery | Art from San Juan de Oriente

July 07, 2016

Our collection of Nicaraguan Pottery comes from San Juan de Oriente.  These decor vases are handmade and decorated with the flora and fauna of Nicaragua.  Working with the fair trade organization Esperanza en Accion, men and women artisans in Nicaragua produce traditional pottery pieces that are world renowned. Artisans in San Juan de Oriente make the pottery using a manual kick wheel and finish the pieces using natural mineral oxides for the earthen colors. The pottery is fired using a low-temperature technique so the vases are decorative as they do not hold water.      Continue Reading →

Handmade Journals

June 27, 2016

Use our handmade journals as bullet journals.  Bullet Journals are the new trending way to stay organized.  You create your own planner and organization system using a blank journal and a rapid logging method created by Ryder Carroll.  Bullet Journals are designed to be a to-do list, sketchbook, planner, and diary, all in one.   Our collection of handmade journals are great for bullet journals or any other use. They are made in India using 100% recycled cotton paper. The paper in these handmade journals is made using cotton textiles discarded by the textile industry.  The leather covered journals are made using sustainably sourced leather from the vegetarian region in Rajasthan.  Learn more about handmade paper making and the leather craft below.     Buy Tree... Continue Reading →

About Us

Our global marketplace offers ethically sourced handmade gifts that are perfect for any occasion. Your purchase of each of these fair trade gifts provides opportunities to the artisans and supports a process that provides dignity to a people's struggle for economic independence. These items are all handmade which adds a special meaning to each gift that you give. Most of these fair trade products are made by artisans who still use traditional techniques like block printing, ikat weaving, hand carving, batik dying and others when creating these quality handmade gifts. Each piece will come to you with a story card or information that explains this craft, thus sharing and spreading cultural knowledge and interest in many different areas throughout the world. The goal of our marketplace is to add social responsibility and cultural awareness to each of these gifts.  We are members of the Fair Trade Federation.