The Art of Yemenite Filigree Jewelry by Ben Zion David

September 06, 2014

The new collection of handmade Yemenite Filigree jewelry made by Ben Zion David combines traditional craftsmanship inspired by Yemenite bridal jewelry with modern fashion trends.  Traditional Yemenite jewelry was made from silver coins that were given to talented silversmiths.  These coins were melted down into silver threads and made into incredible pieces of filigree jewelry using rustic traditional tools.  Ben Zion David, now living in Israel, learned silversmithing from his late father.  His family has been practicing jewelry making for eight generations.  Ben Zion David still incorporates traditional methods with more advanced methods including casting to create museum quality inlaid Yemenite art. Watch Ben Zion David made a traditional cuff using the ancient handwork in this video from YouTube.        ... Continue Reading →

A Special Gift | New Hill Tribe Jewelry

August 15, 2014

Hill Tribe Silver Jewelry This new collection of jewelry from Thailand is made by talented Thai artists using handcrafted Hill Tribe silver beads and pendants.  A majority of Hill Tribe Silver jewelry is made by the Karen people of Northern Thailand.  The Karen silversmiths are known for making high silver content (over .925) beads using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.  Hill Tribe beads are typically small engraved beads with plants, flowers, animals, or geometric designs which reflect their culture.  The Karen are one of the six major hill tribes that reside in the “Golden Triangle,” a region that connects Thailand, Loas and Burma.  These six tribes include the Akha, Lahu, Karen, Hmong, Mien/Yao and... Continue Reading →

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