Find the best selection of fair trade gifts including unique home décor, handmade jewelry, and fun accessories. These fair trade gifts are perfect for all occasions including special birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.


Sadza Batik: A Zimbabwe Art

April 16, 2016

Our collection of African textiles are handmade using a Sadza Batik process by talented artisans in Zimbabwe.  Uniquely these textiles are batiked using a traditional porridge instead of wax like most batiks.   What is a Sadza Batik? Sadza is a porridge-like paste of maize or wheat-meal and a traditional staple food of Zimbabwe.  This paste is used instead of batik wax.  Geometric designs and African animals are painted onto the cotton.  The porridge dries and cracks, then paint is applied to the fabric over the dried porridge.   After heating several times to reinforce the paint colors, the textile is washed and the porridge is scraped off leaving a unique batik crackle pattern where the porridge was applied.  If you'd... Continue Reading →

Transforming Bullets and Bombshells into Items of Beauty

March 26, 2016

Our new fair trade collection features brass jewelry made from bullets and bomb shells. Artisans in Cambodia skillfully mold bullets and bomb shells left over from Cambodia's wartime decades ago into beautiful jewelry pieces. With the support of Craftworks Cambodia, a fair trade organization,  the artisans generate an income that will provide their families and their communities the chance at a better future. Artisans make a fair wage for their work and receive support for education and training. See our collection online.        Continue Reading →

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Our global marketplace offers ethically sourced handmade gifts that are perfect for any occasion. Your purchase of each of these fair trade gifts provides opportunities to the artisans and supports a process that provides dignity to a people's struggle for economic independence. These items are all handmade which adds a special meaning to each gift that you give. Most of these fair trade products are made by artisans who still use traditional techniques like block printing, ikat weaving, hand carving, batik dying and others when creating these quality handmade gifts. Each piece will come to you with a story card or information that explains this craft, thus sharing and spreading cultural knowledge and interest in many different areas throughout the world. The goal of our marketplace is to add social responsibility and cultural awareness to each of these gifts.  We are members of the Fair Trade Federation.