New Chakra Balancing Jewelry

July 10, 2014

The 7 Chakras - Balance your Energy Chakras are known to be force centers of energy permeating from points along the center of our body.  Traditionally, chakras are present in Hinduism and Buddhism, and have become popular in western New Age healing.  The 7 chakras each have a distinct purpose, meaning, or state of consciousness.  These energy centers are often under or over active causing imbalances and thus an unhealthy state of being.  There are many recommended ways to realign your chakras including meditation, yoga, consuming certain foods, and aromatherapy.  Learn more at Are your chakras in balance?  Try this Chakra Test at Eclectic Energies (It’s harmless, no personal information needed).   Or try a pendulum test. Chakra Balancing Jewelry... Continue Reading →


July 08, 2014

We love batik!  Batik (pronounced ba-teek) is an ancient wax-resist fabric art that has been practiced since the 4th century BC.  Hot batik wax is hand painted with a spouted tool called a canting or stamped with a brass stamp called a tjap onto fabric, which is then dyed.  After one or more dyeings, the batik wax is removed, revealing different colored patterns.  Cracks in the batik wax give patterns the "crackled" look so unique to batik. Batik is traditionally made in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, China and parts of Africa.  We have a nice collection of batik scarves, pillows, handbags, and children’s clothing made by fair trade artisans around the world.  Our Indian Batiks are handmade by a... Continue Reading →

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