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Peacock Eyeglasses Holder

A hand carved peacock eyeglasses holder gives a stylish functionality, a great way to store and secure your eyeglasses!  

  • Handmade in India
  • Measures 5.25" x 3" x 6"
  • Made from sustainable India Rosewood
  • Finished with natural wax


Wood Carving ArtisansOur wood carving artisans are from Muslim small towns and agricultural villages in north central India.  Artisans use hand tools to skillfully carve blocks of sustainable Indian Rosewood into treasured keepsakes. This art form requires mastery to create the intricate carving, filigree and inlay work.  Literacy rates and income opportunities are quite limited in the area, so woodcraft production is vital for community livelihoods.  Watch for more on the inspiring story of our Woodcraft artisans:



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