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Evil Eye Glass Ornament

A nice sized evil eye glass bead, great for hanging on any wall.  It brings protection!

  • Handmade in Turkey
  • Glass
  • Measures 2 7/8" dia.

This bead is an amulet that Turkish people believe protects against the "Evil Eye": negative power that even well-intentioned glances include a conscious or unconscious dose of envy and resentment. As in many cultures, Turks believe the envy or bad energy will be directed to the amulet and it will break. This is an ancient superstition seen in the countries around the Mediterranean sea, Arabia, Turkey and all the way to India. The Turkish name for this amulet is Nazar Boncuk. The amulet can be seen hanging above doorways, hanging from the rear-view mirrors of cars, hanging around someone's neck, and especially pinned to the shirts of newborn babies.


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