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Chilean Chanchito Tiny Pig Beads

If you love our Chilean Chanchito Three-Legged Pigs, then you'll love these adorable and lucky Tiny Pig Beads! After all, everyone needs good luck, and these authentic Chilean Chanchitos are a perfect way to bring good fortune and culture into your jewlery game!

  • Handmade in Peru
  • Sold Separately
  • Measures 2cm
  • The hole is 1cm in diameter

In Pomaire, a small town just West of the capital city of Santiago, Chile, the locals keep good luck charms called Chanchitos. These charms take the form of a small, three-legged pig that are given to loved ones and friends as a sign of good fortune. Walking through this small town, these little pigs can be found hanging in homes, shops, and restaurants, bringing a sense of comfort to anyone who sees it.

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Customer Reviews

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Katherine (Sarasota, US)

Beautiful and sweet. Hope they bring good luck. Sewed them on our Christmas stockings.