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Matr Boomie - Bridging Traditional with Modern

October 07, 2017

One of my favorite collections of fair trade products are the product made by Matr Boomie.  This fair trade company works with traditional artisans throughout India to improve lives and preserve traditional art forms.  Their artisan partners include women's groups, minorities, people with special needs, urban slums and rural communities.  

Urban Artisans


Women's Group Matr Boomie

Matr Boomie's sustainable leather goods are a great example of true craftsmanship.  They are made by artisans in the vegetarian region of Rajasthan, India where making leather crafting has been passed on for generations.  The leather is tanned using a vegetable tanning method and artisans use water based dyes or oils to color the leather. 

Leather Tooling

Most of our leather artisan partners belong to a social class called Chamar, which excludes them from other classes of society and severely limits their resources. Nearly 30 families work to create these beautiful products and success is resulting in lower caste stigma, better housing, sanitation, access to health care and the creation of its first school for girls! 

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