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Milagro Charms

February 10, 2014

Copper Heart Milagro
Milagros, meaning "miracle" in Spanish, are religious folk charms found in many areas of Latin America and Southern United States. They are used by people to petition for help or protection. These small metal charms are attached to altars, shrines or sacred objects. Milagro Charms can also be carried for protection and good luck. They are made in a variety of shapes, representing body parts, animals and many other objects. They are used to assist in focusing attention towards a specific ailment or need, based on the type of charm used. A milagro's symbolism is not uniform and can take on individual meanings. 


A milagro in the shape of a heart can represent the heart itself and a petition for healing a heart condition or surgery. It can also represent a romance or love that one feels for another. It may also represent the Sacred Heart of Jesus or Mary.


A milagro in the shape of a leg might represent the leg itself and be used in asking for improvement of an injured leg. It could also represent the concept of travel and protection during a journey or simply safety in driving back and forth from work.


A milagro in the shape of eyes is often connected with a popular Mexican patron saint of the eyes, Santa Lucia. Milagros, in the shape of eyes, are used to petition Santa Lucia healing for eye problems. It can also represent "watching". Eye milagros are often attached to picture frames of deceased family members, in belief that the spirit is watching over them.


A milagro in the shape of an arm might represent a condition of the actual arm itself. It might also represent one's ability to work, their job, and/or strength. It might represent physical touch such as embrace of affection.


A milagro in the shape of a dog might represent the family dog and hence protection or loyalty.


A milagro in the shape of breasts might be used to ask for healing from breast cancer, or improved milk supply for nursing mothers.


A milagro in the shape of an infant might be used to petition for a healthy baby, pregnancy or delivery. It might also represent fertility.


A foot Milagro might be used to  show a path or  lead you away, one step at a time. It may also be be used to petition for travel, or success for runners.

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