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Unay Pallay Weavers

June 15, 2012

Santusa Quispe was born in the village of Candelaria, Bolivia.  She began weaving at the age of 6, learning from her mother and grandmother. Santusa was the founding president of theweaving cooperative in Candelaria, Unay Pallay Asociación de Tejedores Indígenas de Candelaria. Recently Santusa was approached by Fomento Cultural Banamex (Banamex Cultural Foundation) for inclusion in their initial edition of “Grandes Maestros del Arte Popular Iberamericano” (Grand Masters of Iberoamerican Popular Art). Fomento Cultural Banamex is known for its highly regarded series of similar books, “Grandes Maestros del Arte Popular Mexicano”. This new book will be Fomento Cultural Banamex’s first compilation of the “best of the best” folk artists from throughout all of Latin America. The weaving tradition of her culture (the Tarabuco culture) utilizes centuries old traditional techniques and patterns. The weavings are made with an upright leaning loom using wool harvested from their own sheep, hand-spun and hand-dyed. The patterns and styles of the woven items are a marker of Tarabuco identity. Important cultural symbols are incorporated into the designs; and figurative designs of people, animals, constellations, altars, etc. recount cultural legends and myths.  

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